Sunday, October 18, 2009

SOTD: Estee Lauder Jasmine White Moss

I thought that this was a summer scent, but I was wrong. In the summer, it's a little "big" - it's definitely a Lauder. Today, on a somewhat chilly day, it's a wonderful soft green, just aggressive enough to keep it from fading away, not so aggressive or chilly as to offend others. Himself didn't even notice, in a closed car, that I was wearing two sprays.

It's not also such a grand, distant green that it makes me feel that I must live up to it. Chanel No. 19, for example, does need living up to, especially in the parfum. I love that about it, but it does mean that I don't apply No. 19 to run out to the hardware store - or if I did, I'd feel that I should dig out a pressed white linen shirt and probably at least one piece of jewelry.

Jasmine White Moss, while perfectly comfortable at a nice restaurant, would also be perfectly comfortable at the hardware store.  Or an Easter egg hunt. Or a wedding. Or while driving car pool. There's no vamp about this fragrance; it's a Nice Girl.

The consensus in the Perfume Freak world seems to be that this scent is a very good sign of new trends. (Trends also represented by Issey Miyake's A Scent.) It's dry, it's green, it's (somewhat) mossy, and there isn't a peach, apple, strawberry, or pitcher of vanilla syrup anywhere in sight. It recognizes history - for that matter, it may be history, because it's reputed to be a formula started by Estee Lauder in the 1980s. (I pause here to be horrified that the 1980s were almost thirty years ago now.)

In part, I suspect that I bought a bottle to support the trend. But I'm not sorry.

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