So, sometimes I say things that require explanation. A few times. And the explanations get old. So I thought, hey! I could link somewhere!

This is the somewhere. And, yes, so far they are all about gardening. That will change.

Broadfork: It's a tool! It's a ride! I first discussed it here.

The Farm: It's not really a farm. It's a roughly seventy by seventy foot vegetable garden in a back yard near my house.  It consists of twelve numbered rows, six foot center to center. Each row has ten beds, identified by letter, each with a growing space six feet long by four feet wide. So, 120 beds, from 1A to 12K. (We combine I and J, in the letters, to eliminate ambiguity in scribbled notes.)

Landscape fabric: Also known as weed cloth. The glossary entry isn't for the stuff, it's for what I'm doing with it: I'm doing vegetable gardening through weed cloth.  Yes, it's strange. And, yes, I do still amend my soil. I discuss it here. And here.

Patient Garden: As described here, I thought I wanted a low maintenance vegetable garden. And I do, but that's not the overriding goal. What I want is a patient vegetable garden. A garden that will wait for me to have time for it--a week, two weeks, a month--without throwing a weedy, tomato-rotting, lettuce-bolting, tantrum. Click here for Patient Garden posts.

Soaker drills: Soaker drills are lines of mini soaker hose, running along slits cut in weed fabric. I plant seeds along the slit, and the soaker hose right next to them gives them plenty of water to sprout with. See the picture? Like that.

Card Catalog Image: Wikimedia Commons.
Other Images: Mine.