Saturday, February 13, 2016

Rambling: The Walking Hungry

Photo of quizzical deer.

"Excuse me. We'd like some more croutons."

Ashland has deer. Like dogs have fleas. Yes, they're pretty, but they eat things. Like gardens. And trees. A few years ago, a deer running from a dog crashed through the local fudge shop's plate glass window. These days, the deer are chasing the dogs. In the Halloween parade, some people wear deer costumes. Because you dress as scarey rampaging hungry monsters, right? Right.

I'm not sure if I have a point here, or if I just wanted an excuse to post a deer photo. Probably the deer photo.

That is all.

Image: Mine.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Rambling: More Rambling

So, that photography thing continues. I regained my nerve for photographing people, but didn't work up any for posting them. So, more reflections.

I'm not writing. I'm not sure if the photography is bad for the writing. There's no real evidence, because I wasn't writing, recently, before, either.





My mind appears to be a blank.

Big blank.

An expanse of white sand, obscured by fog.



A photo of that would be nice. But I don't have one. I wonder if Wikimedia Commons does.


It begins to appear that I'm stopping here.


That is all.

Imagine: Mine.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Rambling: Rambling

I think Flowerpot Girl (above) was on my blog years ago. The is an old photo; I can't seem to find her right now. I hope that I'll find her someday in a clump of weeds.


It's been weeks and weeks (and weeks. and weeks. and (sigh) weeks.) since I drank a Coke, so I'm going to the next step: Starting this weekend, I plan to stop adding sugar to my iced tea. Or, well, to anything, but iced tea, and once in a long while hot tea, is the only thing I add it to. I'll go with that until the desperate craving fades, and then I'll go on to the next habit to break. Just to make it clear, this isn't about eliminating sugar, it's about eliminating the habit of sugaring things.

(Hmm. What will I do when the summer strawberries come in? Hmmm.)

The photography continues. The ethical quandary continues. So this weekend I'll probably photograph more cars and shiny windows.


Yeah, this post appears to be extra firmly in the "post something" category. So I'll stop here.

Image: Mine.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Rambling: Photography again

So, I went out with the camera, while still debating those pesky ethical issues. The issues about photographing people without their permission. Those issues. So I decided to photograph non-people things, like...portraits of little tiny cars.

And reflections of the mountains, in windows:

And reflections of buildings in the windows of other buildings.

And ducks. You've got to have ducks. Quack.

I want to photograph people. I really do. I'll have to figure this out.

That is all. Maybe. But I already said that once today.

Images: Mine.

Rambling: The blog name. Just because.

So I changed the blog title to Rambling Chicken. That is, this blog title. I have the other blog that's...

Y'know, I'm going to do a timeline. Not that anyone cares, but I'm whacky.
  • In October 2009, I created this blog and called it Chickenfreak's Obsessions,
  • In January, 2010 (Really? That soon?) I created another blog, Rambling Chicken, I was going to focus ChickenFreak's Obsessions on perfume and put all the other stuff--gardening, books, fried chicken, fiction, and so on--on that one.
  • Sometime around that time Himself bought me the domain
  • In November, 2011 I decided that the spinoff had been a bad idea, and I started blogging about everything on this blog. I left a bunch of old posts on Rambling Chicken. I occasionally think of moving them here, and then I wonder about the advice that having the same content in two places is sometimes punished by search engines, and then I remember that I've never done much about search engine results anyway, and then I take a nap.
  • Sometime around that time we presumably pointed toward Chickenfreak's Obsessions. I don't know why. 
  • In December 2015 I had a Brilliant Brainstorm! I would post about fried chicken restaurants on Rambling Chicken! Yay!
  • Then I posted twice and lost interest. Hmm.
  • Then, two or three days ago, while once again puzzling over a name for this blog, I decided that, y'know, Rambling Chicken was a pretty decent name. So I changed the title of this blog.
  • So now points to a Blogspot blog named Rambling Chicken whose "real" URL is  And the blog whose "real" URL is is sitting out there saying, "What about me?! That was MY name!"
  • Now I'm spending a few weeks deciding whether I like the name. And then I'll probably figure out how to switch from a situation where redirects to, to the reverse. And maybe I'll move all of Rambling Chicken's content into this blog. Or maybe I'll rename that blog, oh, Rambling Annex, or something.
  • Then I'll see if my already-weak search engine presence faaaaaades away.
  • But I'll have a name that's fifteen percent less silly?
  • Is it worth it?
That is all.

Oh, that up there? That's another selfie.  Try to identify me! Just try! Bwahahahaha!


That really is all.

Image: Mine.