Sunday, October 4, 2009

Perfume: Fragrance Sampling

Tumble of perfume sample vials.
So, why do I sample fragrances?

For example, I've recently purchased five (count 'em, five!) bottles, all thoroughly researched and sampled, so I know that I love them. This should be enough new full-bottle toys to last me...well, if I were rational, months. I have no need whatsoever to find more fragrances that I love.

So what am I wearing today? A sample. Rather than spray on a happy cloud of jasmine and galbanum from the sparkly new bottle displayed (temporarily - got to put it in the dark for storage!) on my dresser, I decanted a finicky little vial into a finicky little atomizer, fussed with labels, sprayed on a fragrance that I don't know if I'll like at all, and will spend the next few hours intermittently sniffing my arm.

I'll probably do the same thing tomorrow with another sample, while the bottles languish and wonder why I don't love them like I did when I was opening the cellophane.

What's this about?

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