Thursday, October 29, 2009

BOTD: Fabulous Fakes, by Carole Tanenbaum

I mentioned earlier that I sent off for a book on costume jewelry. This is the book. It's written by Carole Tanenbaum, the owner and retailer of a substantial costume jewelry collection.

It's beautiful  - it's packed from beginning to end with gorgeous photos. The only flaw in this area is that the photos might raise the reader's standards to the point that she may reject the pieces that she encounters in real life.

It's informative, with chapters about seven different eras, from "Victorian and Art Nouveau" to "Into The Twenty-First Century". Each chapter offers information about the era's styles, materials, and the societal changes that drove trends in jewelry and jewelry manufacturing.

I like it. I'm pleased that I got it. But my mind is on munchy books after the last post, and I'm realizing that I want a companion book, a munchy book about costume jewelry. I want more details about how the author started her collection, I want stories about the pieces and the collecting and... well, whatever there is to tell stories about in that world.  I want the costume jewelry equivalent of Herman Herst's Nassau Street.

Yeah, I'm demanding. It is a lovely book as it is, and the author also has a blog. But I'd like her to start writing the munchy book version, please.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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