Wednesday, October 14, 2009

SOTD: Parfumerie Generale Cadjmere - and let's talk about powder

Well, yes, I have already discussed this one. Coconut milk, sandalwood, warm friendly cloud, all that. I'm still in love with this, and don't anticipate falling out of love.

Did I mention the powder? I officially dislike powder, but I discovered that in Cadjmere I like it very much. It's a much finer powder than most perfumes - which I realize makes no sense whatsoever, because it's not as if there's any actual powder; it's just a scent.

But for some reason, powder is a note that produces a disconcertingly convincing illusion of physical reality for me. When I smell lemon, I don't expect to see a citrus fruit. When I smell Brosius's Burning Leaves, I don't expect to see smoke. But when I smell a powdery fragrance, I feel as if I should see the puff of powder in the air. After a big sniff, I feel as if I could brush my hand across my face and see white traces on my fingers. And with Cadjmere, those imaginary white traces would be impossibly fine, almost liquid.

It's a mystery.

Picture: Wikimedia Commons

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