Thursday, October 8, 2009

Gardening: Vintage Gardens

If I had enough garden space, I'd abandon perfume for roses.

Single-flowered antiques. Victorian petal bombs. Teas. Musks. Damasks. Trellises. Fat little bushes. Collapsing waterfalls. Roses. And every one of them smells different, so I wouldn't really be giving up perfume.

Vintage Gardens in Sebastopol, California, offers sixteen hundred different varieties of rose this year. That's sixteen hundred. One thousand six hundred. Two times eight hundred. That's a lot of roses. And that's just what they offered as plants. They have even more that you can ask them to root for you, if you're willing to wait eighteen months.

I want them all, and I don't have room for any more. Well, three more. But that's all. Go buy some roses from them and invite me over to look at them. Please. Quatre Saisons Blanc Mousseaux looks really nice.

Photo: Mine

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