Monday, October 5, 2009

Perfume: Galbanum Roundup

Galbanum is my favorite perfume note.  After roaming around the web searching for perfume names and web pages, I thought that I'd present the results here, perhaps as a growing post.

I Smell Therefore I Am's Going Green, Part Two has a very nice discussion.

Fragrantica's galbanum page has an extensive list of perfumes containing galbanum, which I won't reproduce here.

With further digging around, I found a number of other perfumes mentioned as having prominent galbanum notes, not mentioned on Fragrantica's page:

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Alliage, Estee Lauder
Ayalitta, Ayala Moriel
Bel Respiro, Chanel
Boucheron, Boucheron
Cabochard, Gres
Cristalle, Chanel
Dune, Dior
Envy, Gucci
Fleurs de Bois, Miller Harris
Futur, Robert Piguet
Ivoire, Balmain
Jill Sander No. 4, Jill Sander
Le Temps d'Une Fete, Parfums de Nicolai
Ma Griffe, Carven
Molinard de Molinard, Molinard
O de Lancome, Lancome
Private Collection, Estee Lauder
Roadster, Cartier
Scherrer, Jean-Louis Scherrer (The 1979 vintage)
Tendre Poison, Dior
Vent Vert, Balmain
  Vento di Fiori, Bois 1920
Weil de Weil, Weil
Y, Yves St. Laurent

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