Policies? Do I need policies? Probably not, but there's no harm in being systematic, right?


Comments that appear to be submitted primarily for the purpose of advertising a product or site, or getting a backlink, will be deleted. So far, I believe that I have had one (1) of these, so I'm not saying that this has actually been a problem.

I haven't had even one problematic comment for any other reason, so until I do, that's it for the comment policy.


This is, and will remain, an advertising-free blog. No ads, no paid or otherwise compensated "product mentions" or links, no affiliate links, no nothing. Any profit to me, resulting from the blog, is firmly against my policy. That shouldn't be taken as criticism of blogs that do include ads, but this blog is purely hobby, and I don't want to complicate that.

FTC Disclosures:

You think that people are going to hand over free products, money, chicken legs, or party hats in order to be mentioned on my little blog? Very funny. If you see me mention a product on this blog, then unless otherwise noted I paid actual money for it.

The only freebies that I have ever accepted in the context of the blog were perfume samples. And as samples merge into coffrets which merge into into big money, I've decided that I'm not even comfortable with that; from now on I will only attempt to score free perfume samples from stores, like any other customer.

If any businessperson who knows that I'm a blogger is extra nice to me, and I have the faintest shadow of a suspicion that it's related to the blogging, I will, again, be sure to disclose this in any relevant posts. (If I have more than a shadow of a suspicion, I will instead decline the niceness. Profit, I say again, is against policy.)

Perfume Provenance:

Outside the theoretical-blogger-swag situation above, I won't be giving a provenance for every perfume that I review, because unless it's a good story, I won't remember. Normal customer swag (aka "free gift with purchase") won't be something that I track.

But sometimes people care whether a perfume being reviewed is the latest version or some other vintage. In general, unless otherwise stated, perfumes can be assumed to be no more than a few years old, but I can never guarantee that what I bought eighteen months ago from a seller that may have been holding it for eighteen months, is precisely the same formulation as what's selling right this minute. I will do my best to tell you what I know.

Review Roundup Links:

When I assemble a Review Roundup for a perfume, I Google for reviews of the perfume until I run out of Googling energy. If I've missed a review, or one comes along after I do the Roundup, I'm always happy to know about it, so that I can include it. So if you find one, please, please, email me, or add a comment to the relevant post!

One exception is that I generally don't include reviews from sites that are primarily commercial sites. If the site is selling off the owner's spare bottles, I don't care, but if it's a perfume retailer that sells the product under review, I usually won't include those reviews, no matter how valuable I find them.

Oh! Hey! Copyright!

All written material in the blogs ChickenFreak's Obsessions, Rambling Chicken, and Declutter Of The Day is copyrighted to me, except as otherwise noted. The use, without permission, of brief excerpts not exceeding a few lines is almost always fine; don't worry about asking me, and if I object to any such use when I come across it, I'll let you know. The reuse of entire posts is a different matter--please ask me first.

Most images in these blogs come from Wikimedia Commons, and are not owned by me. If you want to reuse one of these images, please follow the credit link in the post and comply with the original Wikimedia Commons license. If you want to reuse one of my own images in a context other than a temporary post excerpt, it's probably fine, but please contact me first.

If I have misunderstood an image license and am using one of your images in violation of its license, please let me know and I'll promptly remove it or modify my use to comply with the license. Similarly, if I have quoted you and you would like me to remove the quote, just let me know.

Image: Wikimedia Commons.