Sunday, November 13, 2011

Perfume: Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Body Wash

The quick conclusion: The body wash is the strawberry version, not the sweet-orange version. Dang.

The background: Pacifica scented products don't necessarily have a consistent scent across the products. The solid perfume may be different from the spray perfume, or the candle, or the hand cream, or the body wash. Since I love Tuscan Blood Orange, I wanted to post a quick post detailing what I know about its various forms.

I love the Tuscan Blood Orange solid perfume--it's a nice sweet orange with just enough edge to keep it from being entirely candy-sweet. The soap is essentially the same, maybe a bit sweeter, but not enough to matter. The spray perfume, on the other hand, is not only candy-sweet, but has almost no orange--it's all berries. (See Ajent Orange's review over at EauMG--she's the one that made me realize that it's not just that it's oversweet, but is in fact an entirely different fruit.) The candle is pretty much just like the solid perfume, at least, when you sniff the wax directly--I have yet to light it, and in fact I think I decluttered it when I realized that I just don't use candles.

I just bought the body wash yesterday, quite forgetting that there was any risk factor, and when settled into a fresh bubble bath to use it last night...berries. Bleah. A truthful bottle would have been pink, with little cherub faces on it. Bleah.

Winter and hand lotion time is coming; if I try that form, I'll update.

Image: By David Monniaux. Wikimedia Commons.

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