Sunday, November 20, 2011

Rambling: Scentless Saturday, and Whining

The garbage disposal is broken and not draining, meaning that the sink is nonfunctional five days before Thanksgiving. Himself made a flurry of phone calls and drove out to get a new disposal and we should have a sink soon, but it's worrying as the dishes pile up.

On the same drive, we took my Mac in to get it fixed, because it broke and now I'm writing this on the very old one that has a battery that's good for about forty seconds because I abuse my batteries. So I'm tethered to the wall.

My head hurts and my sinuses are cranky and I feel like I'm catching a cold and the Co-op no longer carries the chewable echinacea pills that used to make me feel better when that happened. Or used to give me the delusion that I felt better, and that's almost as good. So I'm chewing Airborne zinc tablets with echinacea instead and they taste absolutely dreadful. I want my old echinacea tablets. Now.

Monday we have to drive out and get a turkey. Sunday we have to find the cooler to put the turkey in. We may or may not have guests for Thanksgiving. The house is a mess. I'm pretending that we know we have guests, because I want the motivation to make it not a mess. I don't have the faintest idea what to give anyone for Christmas.

I'm way way extremely very much behind on NaNoWriMo.

The weekend is already half over and I didn't relax yet.

Morning Glory no longer has fried chicken on the menu.

I'm almost out of milk.

These are all minor trivial fiddling little problems, but I still want to take a nap until everything shapes up.

Image: By Osm agha. Wikimedia Commons.

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