Monday, November 14, 2011

Rambling: Lazy Sundays and Zombies

Damn it, Valentine, you never plan ahead, you never take the long view, I mean here it is Monday and I'm already thinking of Wednesday.
It is Monday, right?
Earl Basset, Tremors

I slacked off on the decluttering today. And I didn't bake any squash or do any laundry or any cleaning or gardening. And I'm only 250 words into NaNoWriMo for the day, at ten o'clock at night.

I have a zillion things that I want to do. NaNoWriMo. Decluttering. Planting a whole lot of garlic and potato onions and tulips and daffodils and a small number of medium expensive lily bulbs. Cleaning up the portion of the Farm that some cat has recently claimed as its litter box and putting bird netting over it to prevent recurrences. Reading another 23 books to make the 100+. Buying Christmas presents.

I'm not so much doing them. Well, writing this counts as NaNoWriMo, but mostly I'm just sitting here staring blankly at The Walking DeadThe Walking Dead isn't a happy show. You might have guessed that from the title. Most of humanity is dead and most of the rest wants to eat you. Whee!

And I'm enjoying it. A while ago, while reading Flood by Stephen Baxter, Himself commented on the way that certain works of fiction can make you feel better about real life, because real life at least isn't as bad as that. The same apparently goes for The Walking Dead. Also, as zombie disasters go, it's a lot more fun than 28 Days Later. The cast of characters that survives for more than twenty minutes is a good deal larger, and there's a little bit of soap-opera-style bedhopping.  When people have to kill their friends because said friends have been infected by zombies, they get a little more time to think about it. What more could you want?

But it's not nearly as much fun as Night of the Comet, one of my favorite movies. A friend once asked for clarification on that point, I suspect hoping for reassurance that I meant one of my favorite junk movies or eighties teen movies or some other category that would make my disastrous taste lapse smaller. Nope. One of my favorites, without disclaimers.

Have you ever seen it? Two teenage girls survive a comet shower that turns most of the rest of the world into zombies. Then they go shopping. "Daddy would've gotten us Uzis" is one of the classic lines. How could you not love that? Or this photo?

All righty, I'm off to watch more zombies.

Image: By Marteen64. Wikimedia Commons.


  1. Holy cow, zombies.

    I mean, I've been playing too much Zuma and watching old Glee episodes and trying to come up with ways to get my daughter's boyfriend to come over and do some cooking lessons with me, because nobody's cooking at his house. So I have nothing to be all high and mighty about here.

    But zombies? I could make some witty remark about how NaNoWriMo turns us all into zombies... if I could think of one.

  2. Okay. The chicken. The onions. It is OFFICIAL: you and I were separated at birth - by about 20 years (or more, prolly). Night of the Comet. 1984. Someone sent me a BETA tape of NotC (Arthur Albert, the DoP, was looking for representation)...I LOVED that movie! Robert Beltran, cute back then, goes on to be even cuter in ST Voyager...."Danny Mason Keener...DMK..hmm" as the older sister tries to figure out if he's the one who beat her videogame score?

    what a fun movie.

    And I'm zombie-ing, too. Trying to get 2 hours of painting in per day (working back up to 7 but, like anything else, it's WORK). Mostly sitting around, being flu-ish and lazy.

    Can't watch Walking Dead. Freaks me out too much. Plus, they do some Really Dumb Stuff. Yeah, I know - they have to in order to move the plot along all dramatic but c'mon...sometimes I wonder..

  3. museinwoodenshoes,

    Perhaps you should give up on trying to get the daughters boyfriend to come over for cooking lessons and just get him to come over and cook for you. No point barking if you've got a dog.

    Zombie movies gross me out but by far the worst one was Resident Evil. That dog scene gave me nightmares. I quietly snuck my son'r copy into the rubbish bin just so I wouldn't have to see it again.

  4. (Jennifer, I mean to give HIM cooking lessons. He's 16. His mom died in April. Sorry, I assumed it would be clear.)

  5. Mals! Bwaha! Zombies!

    Sorry about the boyfriend's mom. :( And it's very nice of you to provide the cooking lessons.

  6. Musette! That's amazing, _nobody_ has ever heard of Night of the Comet. Other than me and Himself, of course. We intermittently confuse people by saying, "We do not _cross_ against the light."

    It occasionally worries me that things like The Walking Dead don't freak me out. :) And I tend to close my eyes and wander past plot holes.

  7. Howdy, Jennifer! Hmm. Sounds like I may want to avoid Resident Evil. I seem to be semi-immune, but there's no point in challenging it too much.

  8. Museinwoodenshoes,

    Oh I must have misread you! Also sorry about his mum.

    Chicken Freak,
    I think it was the Zombie dogs in resident evil that eventually psyched me out. Don't like those zombie dogs!