Friday, November 6, 2009

SOTD: Robert Piguet Fracas, or, The aliens are among us


Fracas is the queen of tuberose perfumes. In-your-face, unsubtle tuberose.

I don't like tuberose. I've mentioned this before. It annoys me. It reminds me of people that annoy me. It's indolic. Tuberose bad. No tuberose for me.

I like Fracas.

Did aliens swap out my nose while I wasn't looking?

Now, I was able to understand why I liked Parfumerie Generale Tubereuse Couture. That perfume soaks the tuberose with fruit and citrus and green jasmine and sugar cane and, y'know, stuff. It changes the tuberose into something else, into not-tuberose. Ex-tuberose. That explains my substantial fondness for Tubereuse Couture.

None of that is true of Fracas. Fracas is tuberose. It's practically the definition of the stuff. Sweet and, well, more sweet, and a smothering creaminess, and the orange blossom...

OK, I pause here to say that I also dislike orange blossom.

... and the orange blossom just adds more sweetness, and makes the combination even more floral, because tuberose is a little too creamy to have quite that sharp edge of floral'ness that makes me often dislike florals.

So, to summarize: I dislike tuberose. I dislike orange blossom. I dislike florals. I dislike indolic notes.

Fracas is packed to the rafters with all of these things, and I like it very much.

If you see the aliens, please send them to me. I want an explanation.

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Image: By Lordoftheloch, Wikimedia Commons.

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