Monday, November 23, 2009

NaNoWriMo: Thirty Thousand!


Yes, I realize that people who are Caught Up wrote their thirty thousandth word a few days ago. Specifically (hang on while I get the calculator) on the eighteenth.

I choose not to care. I hit thirty thousand!

And my novel, while it still doesn't even remotely resemble a novel, is finally starting to have a theme rather than just being one long plot device. Unfortunately, it's a theme that actually doesn't fit the first, oh, twenty-two thousand words, but, hey, that's for editing in December. Right? Right.


Illustration: Wikimedia Commons


  1. Oh, you are a writer too? About editing, I don't think that will fix theme/plot device problems. Rewriting might, however. Just think of all the fun you have to look forward to!

    Fave fragrances from my past:

    Rive Gauche
    Rose Ombre
    Heaven Sent or is it "Scent"?
    Chanel No. 5
    Bal? by Balenciaga

    Still wearing:

    White Linen
    To a Wild Rose (ancient Avon)
    Youth Dew
    Aromatics Elixir
    Declaration (Cartier)

    Eclectic, no?

  2. Hiya! Thanks for stopping by. :)

    This is true. I was using "editing" in the NaNoWriMo sense of "no editing until December!" but it is indeed likely to resemble a complete rewrite more than an edit. :)

    My writing is thoroughly in the amateur realm and likely to stay there, but I'm enjoying the NaNoWriMo experience, and may continue the (amateur) fiction writing in other months of the year.

    I really like that selection of fragrances - they seem to form a coherent picture somehow. Now I find myself Googling to read about the ones that I don't know much about, like 4711.

  3. All but 4711 are quite sweet and some are heavy with musk. Back in the 60s both my husband and I wore 4711, which was the only bisexual fragrance known. It is/was very crisp and lemony. Another lemony, but sweet, obsession of mine for years was Jean Nate.

    I am not sweet. That must be why I chose such saccharine smell-goods!

  4. I'm working on getting my Musk Legs - I recently posted about buying a vintage Tabu and vintage Replique, and am waiting for parfum of Bal A Varsailles to arrive in the mail. I should really get some Youth Dew to make it a quartet.

    On sweet and lemon, I have to ask if you've tried Fresh Lemon Sugar? I'm faintly embarrassed to like it, but I do like it - it's essentially lemon candy perfume.

    And I'm wondering if you've sniffed Jasmine White Moss, the new Estee Lauder. No musk, but with the lemon thing and the Lauder representation in your list, you might like the classic sweet green of it. (I realize that lemon and green aren't the same thing, but for me they fill the same craving.)

    Not that you were asking for perfume recommendations. I just offer them by reflex. :)

  5. Bal a Versailles, that's what it was. I haven't had any since I shopped at Marshall Field's when I was an undergrad in the early 60s! And Tabu! That brings the memory of my mother buying all four of that manufacturer's line as holiday gifts for the women in my father's office. Of course, she kept a whole set for herself. "Dana" was one of them?

    Most of the Lauder is inherited from her. She also found another weird sickly-sweet one in Florida, I think: Tobacco Blossom. Oh, remember kiddie Apple Blossom? Grandma's Hello Kitty.

    I know exactly what you mean about lemon and green. Green makes me gag, though. Nowadays, lemon makes me feel like I'm wearing Pledge. No, I haven't sniffed the two others.

    And just for your unasked for info, I never have liked Joy.

    I'm curious to know what sort of picture my perfumerie selections paint?

  6. I think that Dana was the maker, but I wouldn't be surprised if there was a Dana Dana. Looking for early Danas, I see Ambush, Canoe, Tabu, and Toujours Moi. Oh! And it looks like Heaven Sent is theirs.

    I don't like Joy either. I want to; I want to like all the classics. But I don't.

    The picture that the perfume list forms ... Classic. Feminine, but without ruffles or coyness or batting eyes. Formal, but in a confident way, not a prim way. Assured. The kind of person who's perfectly nice, who's comfortable to be with, but you know not to cross the line with them.