Sunday, November 1, 2009

SOTD: Parfumerie Generale Tubereuse Couture


I've been experiencing intermittent wafts of tuberose all day. Good tuberose. Something that didn't exist, in my book, before I found this fragrance.

Clean tuberose always made me envision Annoying Women. I don't know why; it must remind me of someone. (Maybe an annoying grade school teacher?) And indolic tuberose was, well, indolic.

This perfume somehow manages to avoid both pitfalls. I think that the ylang ylang may be what's melding with the indolic notes and keeping them from making me uneasy. But they're there, and so is something close to a gourmand note, and that keeps it from being Clean Tuberose Of Annoyance.

So, yum.

I posted about this one before. Then, I was dubious but being drawn in, and planning to buy a decant. Now, I'm remembering the advice of a commenter on Now Smell This to "buy a damn bottle" when you love something.


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Edited to add to the Review Roundup.

Illustration: Wikimedia Commons

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