Monday, November 16, 2009

Meta: Apologies For The Updates

So, I'm new to blogging.

I'm new to exactly how I want to organize this blog, including tags and such things. And I just discovered why the search isn't working the way I want, and that it's because my tags are all wrong.

I'm telling you this to explain why, if you're in any way subscribed to this blog, you're about to get several zillion updates as I fix up the tags on just about every single post. This won't be a trend. I hope.

My apologies. Will it help to look at the kitty?


Photo: By Petra15. Wikimedia Commons


  1. offering up the kitty as distraction is just too hilarious. You've got a knack for this stuff, I gotta say. I like your sense of fun

  2. Distract! Distract! :)

    There must be some way to tell all the feed software, "Never mind, don't send any updates from now until I say otherwise", but I don't know for sure how to do that without also killing subscriptions.