Thursday, November 19, 2009

Perfume: Monsters and Civet and Patchouli, Oh, My!

Hunting for earrings in a vintage shop recently, I found and bought a tiny vintage "violin" bottle of Dana Tabu, and another tiny vintage bottle of Raphael Replique.

Then I read up on them. I suspect that I should be very much afraid.

Perfume Posse post on Tabu compares the fragrance to King Kong. And Godzilla. It also quotes a Now Smell This post that states that the infamously strong fragrance Youth Dew is "almost prim in comparison" to Tabu.

And a Perfume Posse post on Replique describes Replique as  a cross between Jean Desprez Bal a Versailles and Tabu. King Kong and Godzilla both come up again.

So what's my response?

"Where can I get some of that Bal a Versailles?"

As it turns out, Bal a Versailles in multiple strengths, even the pure parfum, is highly available and cheap. I may well be ordering a quarter ounce of the pure parfum before the weekend.

Be afraid.

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