Wednesday, November 11, 2009

SOTD: Parfumerie Generale Musc Maori

Yum. But puzzling.

Musc Maori starts out as powdery chocolate flowers - and that's as odd a combination as it sounds. Odd, but very nice. Now Smell This compares it to an egg cream, and while I've never had an egg cream, I agree that there's definitely a fizzy quality about the beginning.

As it dries, it stays... well, the word that comes to mind is light, but 'light' is a word with negative associations for me, when it's applied to food, and since this is a gourmand, I'm talking about food.

Maybe a better word is 'airy' - like silky whipped cake frosting, or mousse, or meringue. Airy and sweet, but not sugary-sweet. The powder recedes as the fragrance develops, making it more definitely a gourmand. And the chocolate gives way somewhat, so that I can more clearly smell the coffee and vanilla.

But the floral notes never quite go away - oddly, because no one but me seems to smell flowers at all, and they're not in the notes list. I imagine that a white flower in Willy Wonka's garden would taste the way that this smells - soft, flowery, but still delicious.

Review Roundup: Now Smell This and The Non-Blonde and Perfume-Smellin' Things and Fragrantica and Nathan Branch.

Photo: By Mike Lehmann. Wikimedia Commons

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