Thursday, November 12, 2009

Books: Growing Up On The Chocolate Diet, by Lora Brody

We have books. Many books. A whole lot of books.

When we move, the books are in different classes. There are the books that we sell to the used bookstore to reduce the load. There are the books that we send with the movers. And there are the books that we carefully and watchfully move ourselves, because we're not willing to take any chance of losing them.

Lora Brody's Growing Up On The Chocolate Diet: A Memoir With Recipes is in the third category. In fact, we're so determined not to lose it that now that it seems to be not so reliably in print, we have three (count 'em, three) copies.

Part of this is the recipes. Really good chocolate recipes, some of which are firmly embedded in our cooking repertoire and food traditions. Recipes that have imagination and quality and flavor.

And part of it is the stories. Some qualify as heartwarming, some as delightfully snarky, some as both.

I recommend that you go buy a copy. Because you want to read it, believe me, and if you want to borrow one of our three, well, I don't know about that.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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