Friday, July 9, 2010

SOTD: Issey Miyake A Scent

I haven't worn this in a little while. I remembered it as being a little ruffly-feminine, and I've never been the ruffly-feminine type. It seemed particularly wrong for today, when the temperature was expected to flirt with one hundred degrees Fahrenheit, and the air was unusually humid, and I expected to be rushing around in the resulting hot soup.

So, naturally, I wore it. And it was perfect. Much to my surprise, in the heat it develops an aspect that goes nicely with, well, sweat. The combination makes me think of salty lemonade. Weird, but good.

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Image: By newleaf01. Wikimedia Commons.


  1. I like the idea of salty lemonade.


  2. I'm with you on the 'ruffly feminine' thing. Heat - and a bit of sweat - can do interesting things to perfume. I may need to try this one again!

  3. I found this quite green (the galbanum?) and it reminded me of a more mainstream version of Miller Harris Fleur de Bois. A welcome departure from melons and freshly vacated shower cubicles, for sure.

  4. Hey, ScentScelf! It's _good_. I'm really really surprised.

    Howdy, Josephine! Yep; I keep thinking it's Too Pretty, and it keeps surprising me.

    Heya, flittersniffer! Hmmm. Have I tried Fleur de Bois yet? Apparently not, because I'd've blogged if I did. I swear I have a sample, so I must try it. And, yes, no more melons. There's been sufficient melon for a decade or two.