Saturday, July 24, 2010

SOTD: None. And shopping postponed

Today was supposed to be Last Saturday. Well, it was Last Saturday, but it was supposed to be shopping Last Saturday. But I spent the day divesting, instead of acquiring - there's a big glob of stacked-up junk in the front hall waiting to be trashed or donated or Freecycled.

But when we miss Last Saturday altogether, we often redefine it as Last Sunday. And on Sunday we're having lunch at our traditional Sunday restaurant, which happens to be at the mall.


Image: Wikimedia Commons.


  1. Very nice - changing the tradition to suit reality. Love that!

    Tonight is Sunday Champagne on the deck. Should we be otherwise occupied, we would most likely create Monday Champagne on the deck instead.

    Bwahaha indeed!

  2. Flexibility! Though to some extent, flexibility undermines the point of Last Saturday, which is supposed to be Spend Now Or Wait A Month. But since there's no one guarding the credit cards with a gun, we've learned that we only do the Wait A Month if we remember Last Saturday.

    Champagne on the deck sounds lovely. Well, for me it would be Bellinis or possibly Mojitos on the deck- I've never manage to appreciate champagne; I need large quantities of fruit and sugar in my drinks - but pretty drinks on the deck sounds lovely.