Monday, July 26, 2010

Rambling: Last Saturday. Well, Sunday.

I bought girly sandals.

Full price.

This doesn't, I realize, sound like a big deal. Not like, say, "I bought a pony cart" or "I bought a hobby farm". It's just girly sandals.

And they're not all that girly. They don't have a dozen little strappy straps, or glitter, or beads, or heels, or any of those extra girly attributes. They're just a nice little pair of flat black strappy sandals.

But, see, I never bought real girly sandals before. I usually buy shoes that cover my whole foot. The one pair of clumpy, practical sandals that I do own were purchased just to have shoes that I could wear with a skirt, without socks. They fill a functional checkbox category.

But I got these sandals yesterday because they look nice. They're an entirely fashion-based wardrobe purchase. And that's not normal for me.  I've discussed my lack of talent in the girly world. And my recent reaction to a book about (gulp) clothes.

And there seems to be a slow change happening. Linen shirts. Bangle bracelets. And a shell, of all things - I bought something sleeveless?! Oh, and a pretty little purse. No, two pretty little purses. And I intend to look at winter skirts when they come in, rather than when they go on sale. (Unless it's already too late?)

And now girly sandals. Things are changing. Maybe the aliens are taking over my brain.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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  1. I commend you for your purchase - you will be buying bejewelled metallic flipflops before you can say "genuine leather uppers"!

    Go, aliens,'re doing good work here. : - )

    PS What is a shell? Not a paper-thin crinkly track suit, by any chance? That is what it is over here, and a trifle chavvy at that. I feel sure this is a different item alogether.