Monday, July 5, 2010

SOTD: Jo Malone White Jasmine & Mint Bath Oil (And Vacation)

I'm on vacaaaaaation!

The idleness started today. Saturday was party prep. And Sunday was party. (Fried chicken was involved. Of course.) So today is the first day of serious idleness. Park. Books. Dinner. Cocktail. And now I blog, in a rambling manner perhaps slightly influenced by said cocktail. (Lemon drop. Mmmmmm.)

I spent the day largely unscented, except for the above-mentioned Jo Malone White Jasmine & Mint Bath Oil. I'm tragically out of ElizabethW Rose, and I decided that I really ought to use up some of my backlog of bath potions before ordering any more.

It's an odd scent - as a perfume, it smells like, well, jasmine and mint, with maybe a faint trace of soapy sparkle. But in bath water, it smells like soap. Specifically, like really nice laundry detergent, the kind that you imagine when watching people blissfully bury their faces in snowy white towels in television commercials for detergents, rather than the dreadful white musk that the laundry detergent usually really smells like. I like it, but I'm puzzled about the drastic difference.

And now the laziness will resume.

Image: By Alpha du centaure. Wikimedia Commons.


  1. Happy holiday! I like the WJM perfume and am not familiar with the bath oil, though it sounds preferable to detergent, certainly. I do have the JM Dark Amber & Ginger Lily bath oil, which smells very like the scent and which I save for special soaking occasions.

  2. Thanks, flittersniffer! Yeah, if I'd known that it was _quite_ so soapy, I might not have bought the bath oil. But it is increasingly growing on me.

    I tried Dark Amber & Ginger Lily once. I remember a positive impression, but I can't remember a thing about the fragrance itself. I'll have to try it again.