Monday, July 12, 2010

SOTD: Serge Lutens A La Nuit (MORE POWER!)

Yesterday, I (incorrectly) predicted that Caron Alpona would "drown me in essence of sticky orange liqueur." I said it as if it would be a bad thing. Drowning, smothering, or knocking down the wearer is usually undesirable behavior in a perfume.

Serge Lutens A La Nuit is an exception. I applied three sprays, and three sprays is enough to surround me with a fog of jasmine thick enough to require, if not a knife, at least a potato masher. I'm breathing in jasmine with every breath. And I want more.

This is the first perfume that has allowed me to understand the "more power" philosophy of scent. For years, I've been reading posts from people who demand to know how you can call yourself a perfume wearer if you just apply a wimpy spritz or two. Five spritzes! Seven! Fourteen! I recall people on Basenotes swearing that they've worn fifty. Normally, I just humor the crazy people and back away to a place with more oxygen. Today? Mmmm, fifty.

Don't worry - I won't put on even a little bit more.  People are coming over tonight, and they probably need to breathe.  And tomorrow I'll be back in the "less is more" camp. But today, for just a moment, I think I get it.

Review Roundup: Is here.

Image: By Alan Light. Wikimedia Commons.


  1. Fifty sprays? Oh my goodness, talk about monster sillage!

  2. Oh, I do love a good swim from time to time!

    Usually when alone, however.

  3. A La Nuit is one of the few Lutens that I just can't wear, so I'm a bit jealous that it works so well for you. Enjoy!

  4. Hey, flittersniffer! Hee. :) As predicted, I'm back to Less Is More. No danger of fifty sprays from me. But I have seen the claims.

    Howdy, LBV! Yep, I rarely really indulge except when I'll be alone for several hours.

    Greetings, Josephine! That's sad. :( On the other hand, if you can wear most of them, you can wear more than me - I can't tolerate the extremes of the stewed fruit ones or the soapy floral ones. I'd say that I passionately hate six out of ten Lutens, can tolerate three, and falling-down love the other one out of ten. Roughly. But that one out of ten is enough to make me a big fan.