Saturday, October 24, 2009

SOTD: Parfumerie Generale Cadjmere

Again. Yep, I've posted about this before, and before that. Three wearings in a month doesn't seem like much, but I believe that this is the only repeater in a sample-heavy month. I'm in love with this scent, at least right now.

It's edible, but it's not... filling? You can enjoy eating one thing for only so long, but you can enjoy smelling it cooking, anticipating it, for much longer. This is like that.

Or maybe I don't even react to this one like a gourmand - maybe it's not registering as "edible" in my brain. Catching a whiff of it is rather like putting on a cedar-scented sweater just pulled out of winter storage - it's comforting and familiar, and was that way almost on the first sniff. Maybe it's the powder and vanilla that give it that familiarity, and then the coconut and sandalwood that make it exotic enough for a perfume snob who won't be satisfied with simple comfort.

It's a theory. Maybe I'll have a new thought the next time I put this on, and I'm betting that will be this month.

Photo: Meursalt2004, Wikimedia Commons

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