Tuesday, October 6, 2009

SOTD: Bois 1920 Come la Luna

The first several seconds are very medicinal. I won't be spraying this one on for the top notes.

Then I was searching my mind for a description of the coriander-wood thing that comes next but doesn't feel quite like coriander-wood. And the Perfume Posse review below saved me: "Sweaty." That's it. A good kind of sweaty.

And now it's shifting to something much more respectable. Really very respectable, in fact. Quiet and polite and finely-textured.

If I were going to buy a fragrance with a dominant cumin or coriander note, this one would knock Serge Lutens Santal Blanc out of the running. But I suspect that I'm not going to. Sometimes I like my wood dry or even bitter, but I like my gourmands sweet, and when coriander is involved, it's about food.

Twelve hours later: This scent is definitely about the basenotes. It's still there, the coriander and wood have merged into a very appealing, slightly sweet scent that is no longer about food. Maybe I do want some.

Review roundup: Now Smell This and Perfume Posse and Nathan Branch.

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