Thursday, September 23, 2010

SOTD: Daim Blond, and Assumed Names

I seem to have a fondness for scents that aren't what they think they are.

I adore Le Labo Patchouli 24, for example. The common wisdom is that it doesn't smell like patchouli, it smells like birch tar. And to add another level of complication, to me it smells like tea.

Art of Shaving Sandalwood is said to smell mostly of eucalyptus. I can't judge, because Art of Shaving Sandalwood is what defined sandalwood for me, but the word comes from authorities that I trust.

I love Tom Ford Velvet Gardenia for the beeswax, and have limited use for it when it does smell like gardenia.

Comme des Garcons Leaves: Tea? Dry cleaning fluid. Yum.

And while Daim Blond does have a little suede, today it's dominated by the apricot pit and fruity heliotrope, and that's just fine.

I like contrariness.

Review Roundup: Is here.

Image: Wikimedia Commons.


  1. I'm wearing Daim Blonde today. :) I wanted to check if it's still one of the Sls that are just not for me. It is. It's wearable but I don't really enjoy it (I have a really small decant so I want to use it up).

  2. I really need to try Daim Blonde... liked DSH Blonde Suede, but it went sweet instead of apricotty, and I dig apricotty.

    I loved the apricotty part of DelRae Mythique paired with the cool iris, too - it was just sooo quiet I decided I didn't need any.

  3. Yo, Ines! Oh, that's sad. Though I often find myself wondering why I love it - the notes list doesn't quite sound like one I'd like.

    Howdy, Mals! Yes, yes, yes, try. Now, Daim Blonde is sort of sweet, but sweet isn't the first thing you think of. It also, like so many other Lutenses, dries down to something very very different from the top notes, so you have two chances to like it. :)