Wednesday, September 22, 2010

SOTD: Creed Original Vetiver

I have a four (four) ounce bottle of Creed Original Vetiver.

I only wanted one ounce - or, really half an ounce - but several months ago the trustworthy seller offering both a coupon and a sale only had the big bottle, so I paid less for four ounces with box and cap than I would have paid for a small tester without either. So there it is, looming threateningly over the nice little bottle of Love In Black, sneering at me and holding more perfume than I will ever use.

It bothers me. It's that whole anti-hoarding thing. It feels like a slippery slope. I want the smallest possible bottle.

So today I'm wearing Original Vetiver, frankly in the hope that I'll find that I no longer like it, so I can give it away. That's going fairly well so far - it's pleasant and green, but I'm finding it too one-dimensional and too masculine, and wishing that I were wearing Vetiver Tonka instead. And my Vetiver Tonka is properly anti-hoarding - it's one of the tiny Discovery Set bottles.

So what to do? Give away three one-ounce decants and keep the original bottle? Keep a one-ounce decant and give away the bottle? Give the whole thing away and make Vetiver Tonka my chosen vetiver?

Decisions, decisions.

Review Roundup: Is here.

Image: Julien Bertrand. Wikimedia Commons.


  1. Well, you can't force perfume love. At least, I can't. My vote? Give away six half ounce decants, have drawings, become the favorite aunt or the most annoying co-worker (she just keeps giving us perfume). The options are endless.

    Keep some for yourself as a reminder that, even though you don't love it, you didn't abandon it completely. Perfume has feelings, too.

  2. Hey, Josephine!

    My Postal Phobia would bar the drawing, but I like the idea of becoming that annoying woman who gives away perfume. :) Is that wrong?

    Yep; I wondered why the bottle was a half inch down (there's no way I used that much) and realized that I had already made a decant for travel. So I'll still have some.