Wednesday, September 8, 2010

SOTD: None. Oh, and we're back.

So we're back from Portland, relaxed and fatter.

We enjoyed ourselves. Portland is a walking city. It's packed with vintage and used stores. It has lots of food for the glutton. Our timing was great - the weather was lovely, and a manga convention was being hosted not even a block away from our hotel, so we got to admire the costumes of the passers-by.  Sadly, the Perfume House was closed, but that left us with more money to spend on books and weird household hardware and food. Oh, and that's the zoo train. Cool, huh?

We'll be back.

Photo: Mine.


  1. Not only is it likely that our skins meet in the middle - in terms of yours toning down strong scents and mine ramping up bland ones - but I think our stomachs may meet in the middle too... Have just spent a week in Germany barely eating at all - well, two main meals in five days counts as such in my book. I would have killed for a bacon roll instead of the ubiquitous pretzels they have over there, which are the epitome of "meaningless carbohydrate" imho.

  2. Heh. :) Blogger practical jokes. And ouch, about the non-eating week. Hey, now you have me thinking of bacon pretzels. Not that I've ever heard of such a thing, but it sounds good.