Friday, September 17, 2010

SOTD: Shiseido White Rose

Remember that vial of Shiseido White Rose that Himself gave me, in spite of his Perfume Disapproval? He went a good deal further this time. See photo. Oh, my goodness.

After opening, and boggling, and photographing, and ever so carefully cutting the little silver cord and extracting the stopper (actually, Himself did those last three things, at my request; I was afraid I'd destroy the bottle somehow), I applied White Rose lavishly, and wandered around in the resulting fog for several hours. And then I applied it all over again.

Oh, my. Traveling rose bliss.

I can't help analyzing. I want a notes list. Are there notes other than the multilayered, fresh, peppery rose? Pink Manhattan smells jasmine; I can't decide. In the base I get a bitterness that makes me think of galbanum; Pink Manhattan mentions a green tea nuance there. Is it the same note?

Whatever it is, the combination of very fine rose and that wonderful green bitterness makes me think of this as a cousin of Chanel No. 19. Don't misunderstand me - they're quite different from one another, but they're both classic, both uncompromising, both uninterested in sweetening the experience with sugar or vanilla. If they were women, both would be dangerous. No. 19's claws are apparent from the top notes on through; White Rose's appear near the end.

Review Roundup: Is here.

Photo of Greta Garbo: Wikimedia Commons.
Photo of bottle: Himself.


  1. Just discovered your blog last week-- love your writing!

    Congrats on the gift. Your DH did great with that gift! He sounds like a keeper.

  2. That sounds wonderful. I've never see it anywhere, but I'll try to get a sniff soon.

  3. Thanks Gator! And, yes, he most certainly is. :)

    Hey, kj! Yes! Try! If nowhere else, The Perfumed Court should have decants.

  4. So. YOUR ROSE. Finally! I'm pleased for you.

    And now I must put a sample back on my TPC wishlist...