Sunday, May 2, 2010

SOTD: Washington Tremlett Black Tie

A while ago, I posted about my problem in finding a rose perfume that I really like, and many people kindly recommended things to try. One of them was Diana of Feminine Things, who recommended Washington Tremlett Black Tie.  Many weeks later, I finally sent off a Perfumed Court order, and here we are.

As seems to be happening with all new perfumes this spring, I can't decide. I'll have to try it again and offer a proper review then. But that won't stop me from rambling today.

The notes, just to give some context to the upcoming rambling, are saffron, walnut, galbanum, salvia, rose, geranium, tuberose, sandalwood, patchouli, vanilla, and musk. And I should mention that this is a men's perfume. This fact doesn't worry me, but I thought that I should disclose it.

The beginning is a strong mix of saffron and rose, and some of the sage, and I think that I can detect some galbanum. There's a strong vibe of of Those Roses, like Czech & Speake 88, the ones that I can't seem to reconcile to. But the saffron reduces the impact; there's hope for the top notes of this one.

And I seem to have missed the middle notes - or perhaps there are none? At least one of the reviews suggests that this is pretty linear after the top notes have burned off.

In any case, the base notes, a few hours in, are worth the price of admission. It's saffron, softened with wood and probably vanilla and a little musk, and it's simply lovely. So this is likely to become my favorite saffron perfume, but I don't think that it's going to fill the rose gap just yet.

Review RoundupFeminine Things and Now Smell This and Fragrantica and Basenotes and Would Smell As Sweet and SorceryOfScent.

Image: Wikimedia Commons.


  1. I actually had to stop and check to see that, yes, I had in fact recommended that one. Ha! (I knew I had tried it; I just didn't remember writing the review.)I'm glad you liked it, even if it isn't going to be the rose you were looking for. (Is that kind of like the droids you were looking for? Sorry; I was watching Star Wars today.)

    Also, I totally understand the desire to be a 'proper perfumista.' I want that, too, though my cross to bear tends to be the chypres. Good luck in your quest. If I can think of other roses I have you might like, I'll send them over.

  2. That is a brilliantly written review. A like how you describe the perfume after time, 'being worth the price of admission'. And it's a man's perfume! I need to go explore again what exactly does saffron smell like? If it's not in my kitchen, maybe it's at the grocery store. That's how effective this review is: I think, I need to go to the grocery store and buy some saffron (though really I should be talking about wanting to buy perfume)

  3. Hey, Diana! You did indeed recommend it. :) And the saffron is a wonderful surprise - it's not going to be the rose, but I'm very pleased to know that that saffron drydown is available to me.

    Greetings, Melody! Thanks very much! The scent of saffron is hard to describe. It's not a sweet or an obvious scent - it's sort of one of those smells that you realize _was_ there after it's gone away?

    To really get the scent, you might need to pick up some saffron threads and make some plain, otherwise unflavored saffron rice. I also had saffron _lollipops_ twice, and they were a fabulous way to get the scent, but I don't know where to get one.