Sunday, May 23, 2010

SOTD: Cranky Bubbles and Oily Roses

I'm typing this with pruny fingers.

I love bathtubs. Bathtubs, and bubbles, and getting into water that's too hot for comfort, and getting used to it and then making it even hotter, and soaking with a book until the water cools down and I half-drain the tub and add still more hot water. I've loved them all my life, as many, many damp books can attest.

When we bought our house, it had a lovely old-fashioned white cast iron tub with claw feet. We intended to remodel the bathroom, turning one medium-sized space into two tiny ones. That bathtub didn't want to fit into "tiny", and the holes for the faucets were in the wrong place, and measurements and drawings repeatedly hit the roadblock of The Bathtub. And Himself assured me that if I would give up that tub to some good home somewhere, he'd happily buy me the finest of replacements.


So Himself turned his determination, instead, to making the tub fit. Drawings were redrawn and doors were shuffled and the faucet holes were plugged and a lovely plumbing monstrosity was arranged to fill the tub from above, and the tub spent a few remodeling weeks out in the side yard until it finally returned in glory to precisely where it belonged.

My bathtub. I suspect that I spend more time reading there than I do at my desk or on the couch.

Naturally I have many bath potions, but generally I fill it with blazing hot water, "cranky baby" bubble bath (California Baby Tired & Cranky), and Elizabeth W Rose bath oil - so far the one rose, in the one context, that gets past my doubtful response to rose perfumes. The combined scent is permanently associated with bubbles and turning pages with damp fingers, and there's not much that can beat that.

Image: By Muu-karhu. Wikimedia Commons.


  1. I love to read in the bath, too. Sigh of contentment.

  2. Very cool! Love your determination to keep that clawfoot tub, too. Loving your blog, thanks for posting!

  3. taking a bath is one of the ways I can relax!

  4. Hey, Mals! Yes, isn't it wonderful? I really hope that they don't come up with waterproof laptops, because my inability to stay away from the computer has taken away some other peaceful reading places. It's my own darn fault, but there it is.

    Greetings, Aimee! Thank you, and welcome! Yep, my bathtub is remaining mine mine mine, permanently.

    Heya, Frida! Yes, there are very few things that are more relaxing. Somehow all that sloshy water quiets down a racing mind.