Tuesday, November 3, 2009

SOTD: Frederic Malle Une Rose

This is one of Those Roses. I want to love them, and especially this one, but I just can't.

Those Roses are strong, grown-up roses with a bitter undertone, with or without incense. This category includes Czech & Speake No. 88 and Dark Rose, Tauer's Incense Rose, and several others that my nose, though perhaps no one else's, groups together. Perfume freaks adore these things and I want to be a proper perfume freak! But I can't, in this. The only one that I can comfortably wear is Eau d'Italie's Paestum Rose.

It's the often-citron-like bitterness I just can't get past. I don't demand that my rose be sweet or fruity or woody, but I just can't like it with that particular bitter note. Maybe it's because it's almost a food note, and roses and food don't combine for me? Maybe it's because I'm just too trained to expect sweetness, or, at the most challenging, tartness, to accompany a rose?

I'll be waiting this one out all day, to see if I can acquire the taste. But I don't really anticipate that I'll be returning with an epiphany.

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  1. I'm testing it tonight - I have SL's Sa Majeste La Rose on one hand and Une Rose on the other. I'll post something about my adventure in finding a rose fragrance tomorrow!