Monday, May 10, 2010

Rambling: A Chicken of Very Little Brain

I've been slacking off. Y'know, mentally. Especially on writing, including blogging.

My posts aren't up to snuff, my comments aren't up to snuff, even my reading comprehension isn't up to snuff. I read other people's posts and stare blankly at them in an  impressed but thought-free state.

I'm not quite sure why. There are several possible theories, but none is the clear winner.

But just in case you've noticed my increasing intellectual sloth, I felt the urge to state for the record that I haven't lost interest, in my own blog or anyone else's. I'm just waiting for my brain to return from whatever junket it's on. Possibly with gifts.

Image: By Charles M. Sauer. Wikimedia Commons.


  1. Don't worry, happens to all of us. But you still manage to find these cute pictures. :)

  2. I love your blog and I love your posts. Please don't stop!

  3. Hanging in there, especially for the prospect of gifts! : - )

    I enjoy the cute pictures too, and I definitely find that the inspiration ebbs and flows.

    For myself, I am really busy with work again, and building up to another complete hiatus of several weeks when I go on my next work trip.

    Life just gets in the way sometimes...

  4. Ines! That's good to know - that is, that it happens to others, and that you like the pictures. Your brain always appears, by the evidence of your blog, to remain fully functional. :)

    Hey, SignatureScent! Thank you; I appreciate that. I'm not planning to stop - I'll keep on typing messages from the echoing depths of my empty brain. :) Just, the emptiness seemed to be increasing to a point that called for explanation.

    Howdy, flittersniffer! Yes, on the gifts I'm hoping that there's something important going on in there, with the doors closed so that I can't see whatever fine creation I'm coming up with. Maybe.

  5. Yes hang in there! You have a great talent for writing, and making the ordinary ramblings come to life, or describing a scent. No turning back now, you've come this far!

  6. Hey, Melody! Thank you very much. :) I'll still be here, I'm just impatient for my brain to return.