Monday, May 17, 2010

SOTD: Parfumerie Generale Tubereuse Couture

I temporarily lost access to Tubereuse Couture, and as a result I've been craving it for weeks. (It's a long travel story involving packing and decanting errors.) It's back, so today I'm blissfully drowning in tuberose. And green. And... well, what is in this stuff? Let's have another look at the notes.

There's tuberose, of course. Indian Tuberose. And ylang-ylang. I've met those.

And kalamanzi oil. I asked Google what a kalamanzi was, and I'm told that it's a sour citrus fruit, somewhere between a mandarin and a lime. That's interesting - I've never consciously detected any citrus in this fragrance, but now that I'm told, I feel as if I can smell it.

And a lot of green stems - jasmine shoots, and sugar cane, and papyrus. I'm imagining a giant lawn mower rolling along, snipping off all of these grassy things and raising a perfumed fog that rivals the Wicked Witch's poppy fields for falling down enchantment.

And Sumatra benzoin. I've never understood benzoin - I thought that it was what produced the sweet powdery note that I like in some fragrances, but my Googling mentions a "vanilla ice cream aroma", and nothing about powder.

And that pretty much takes care of the notes list, leaving me only fractionally more informed. I think I'll spray on a little more, close my eyes, and dream of that field.

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Image: By Martin Sell. Wikimedia Commons.

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