Sunday, April 18, 2010

SOTW: Nothing, and Scent Compromise

Scent Of The Weekend, that is.

Himself is not a big fan of perfume. On weekdays, when we're apart, I can happily douse myself in the morning, and the aftermath will have faded enough to be largely unnoticeable in the evening.

On Saturdays, we generally spend all day together. So I've decided on a tentative policy of wearing little or no scent on Saturdays. Except for bath bubbles. In theory, I should make the same policy on Sunday, but, well, two scentless days? I figure he wins on Saturday and I win on Sunday, see?

But today, I'll be sitting in close quarters with strangers again, so I don't win. Scentless again.

Tomorrow? Tomorrow, there will be perfume. Maybe a giant cloud of Un Lys. Sadly, there will also be work. Given that Saturday is the best day of the week, I may need to rethink this thing. Friday evening is the best evening of the week, so maybe Fragrant Friday followed by Scentless Saturday?

Image: Wikimedia Commons.


  1. Admire your thoughtfulness around Himself and other anonymous members of the public. Mr Bonkers and I have occasional scent spats, but we often sit on opposite sofas, so it is rarely an issue. And we do that because we have tray suppers and he is a vegetarian. And he is distressed by the smell of fish. : - )

    I don't think I ever sit at close quarters to strangers - we wait for films to come to the small screen, so the cinema scenario doesn't apply! And when I interview people as part of my job they are usually at the other side of a conference table - sometimes they even feel too far away for rapport creation.

    Maybe I should take a train? They are pretty crowded in Europe at the moment....

  2. We do a lot of movies, plays, and airplanes, so I spend a fair bit of time sitting too close to strangers. :) I do get a bit jealous when the strangers are happily enfogged in perfume, but, well, it's not as if I _can't_ wear it.

    But I'm not so much recommending that you seek out the overcrowded experience. :)