Wednesday, April 7, 2010

SOTD: k. hall designs Cypress & Cassis Solid Perfume

I'll be spending much of the next few days at the Ashland Independent Film Festival (woohoo!), in full movie theaters where people will be forced to sit near me. Therefore, I'll be spending those few days wearing low projection, easy-to-control perfume solids. I thought I'd get a head start tonight with k. hall designs Cypress & Cassis.

k. hall designs appears to focus more on home products than on perfume - they sell candles, and reed diffusers, and shower gels, and room sprays. And, disconcertingly, soap dishes and stationery. I bought my quarter-ounce solid perfume at a shop that tends more toward bed and table linens than perfume; I like to encourage local perfume availability wherever I find it.

I like it. I love blackberry and currant and cassis, so it gets points there. And it's not oversweet popsicle fruit - there's a nice grounding note, sharp but not sour, that I assume is the cypress. It's totally inoffensive, but not uninteresting. Just about perfect for close movie seats.

Review Roundup: Not a single review to be found, so far.

Image: By BeAr. Wikimedia Commons.

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