Thursday, April 15, 2010

SOTD: Serge Lutens Daim Blond, and lightweight musings on leather

OK, so I decided that I was going to wear a perfume today. Absolutely. Positively. Going to.

I wanted Cuir de Russie. I craved Cuir de Russie. I couldn't find my Cuir de Russie sample. So my first choice was out. But I still wanted leather.

Cuir de Lancome didn't seem quite right when I sniffed the cap, though I can't quite say why. Too spicy for spring?

Cuir d'Iris seemed, in memory, too aggressive and dry.

Cuir Venenum, also in memory, had too much curing chemical and too little animal.

Bandit would have been great. My craving translated effortlessly into a craving for Bandit. Which, as it turns out, I'm out of. The sprayer's right there. Empty.

First lesson of the day: I like an awful lot of leather perfumes.

So I ended up with Daim Blond. Soft pale suede and fruit.

Second lesson of the day: A Cuir de Russie craving cannot be satisfied with Daim Blond. They are not colleagues. When my nose wants Cuir de Russie, Daim Blond - usually a fragrance that makes me close my eyes and do that blissful drinking it in thing - is no better than Perfectly Nice. It was all fruit today, hardly any leather.

Third lesson of the day: It's time to buy a large decant of Cuir de Russie.

And now I'm headed for more rose-scented bubbles. Hey, does anybody make leather-scented bubble bath?


  1. Leather bubble bath - think you might need to start a new type of blog completely!

  2. I think leather scented bubble bath may technically be an oxymoron - or as S_S suggests, the stuff of a whole other blog...

    On the subject of soft leather, have you discovered the floral-leather-vanilla-amber wonder that is Rykiel Woman Not For Men! ? (Notwithstanding the cheesy and unnecessarily exclamatory name.)

  3. Hee. Howdy, SignatureScent. I see your point. But now I've started imagining a Cuir de Russie-scented bath all the same anyway...

    Yo, flittersniffer! No, I haven't. That sounds nice. I add it to the List. Which is getting _really long_ - I skipped my last sample purchasing opportunity.