Thursday, April 15, 2010

SOTD: Nothing. Again. Oh, dear.

Photo of a pink rose.

Again, I wear no perfume. What's the deal?

I am headed for rose-scented bath bubbles, though. Does that count?

Image: Mine


  1. Scented body products count!

    Wonder if getting back into the habit of choosing a scent is starting to feel momentous and daunting for you, like the first one after being unscented is a Big Decision...

  2. Someone gave me some advice to go for the classics if I'm not sure what to try. So today I'm wearing Coco. You can't go wrong.

  3. Sometimes it just gets to be overwhelming. It's okay to go scentless. And I like SignatureScent's advice - when in doubt I always go with Mitsouko. Scary as the dickens to a lot of folks but that's just Too Bad, innit?


  4. Howdy, Frida! Cool, so I have a SOTE many evenings. I'm very fond of rose-scented bubbles.

    Yo, Mals! That could be. That whole perfectionist thing or something.

    Hey, SignatureScent! I wanted to wear Cuir de Russie today (the day after the unscented day), which would have been a fine classic. But I couldn't find my sample.

    Howdy, Anita! Tragically, I do not appreciate Mitsouko. :( Not my nearly-modern EDT, not my tiny vial of vintage parfum. I want to like it. I'm determined to like it. But I'm not there yet.

  5. It's really okay if you do not like it. It's not for everybody, same as any other perfume. And there are days when She's a bit much even for her most ardent worshippers!


  6. Scented beauty products most definitely can = perfume. I was just saying as much to Signature_Scent today a propos of DKNY Gold body lotion.

  7. Hi, Anita! Ok, cool. :) Though I do _want_ to like it. I keep thinking that I just need to tilt a perception somehow and then I could enjoy it.

    flittersniffer! OK, cool. In that case, I'm almost always wearing at least a little ElizabethW Rose.