Monday, March 15, 2010

SOTE: None. And then Lancome Mille et Une Roses

Photo of a red rosebud surrounded by leaves.

I suspect that my lack of Full Scent Wearing Commitment is about the halfhearted weather. I remained unscented until late evening. And my pre-bedtime scent is just a touch, on the back of my hand, of Lancome Mille et Une Roses. From my new Lancome La Collection set. (New bottles!)

It's nice. It's not a revelation or a solution to the Rose Problem, but it's quite nice. Sweet, resinous, with enough texture in the rose to keep it from smelling synthetic. A grown up rose. An indoor rose, a bouquet of roses that's a day from being replaced, when all the green is gone and the petals are starting to wilt, rich and oily.

Really nice.

It might grow on me.

And that is all.

Photo: Mine.


  1. Good morning, chickenfreak. This is my favorite rose scent! Granted I generally don't like many scents that are all about rose (though I like several scents with rose as one of many notes). I bought a bottle of this one, and I have very few bottles (many decants and samples). MeUR is (to me, of course, and I'm no expert) a modern rose, a citrussy "clean" rose, with an ambery, slightly resinous drydown. Very nice on the right day, and never to be confused with the old rose-scented lotions and powders of yore. Enjoy!

  2. MeUR is indeed pretty. It has not captured my heart, but I do see why so many people love it. It's so gentle.

    Did you nab the La Collection set? And if so, have you tried any of the other scents yet? I'm interested to hear what you think of Climat... my prediction would be that you might find it a bit formal and stuffy. But of course I could be wrong; that's why we sniff!

    I really must send you some L'Arte di Gucci and see if it frightens you, or not...

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  4. you're got me Going Rose these days. I'm still on the Rosines right now (a bit too much right now - I actually prefer the 3 or so I like in way hot weather) but these Lancomes are getting a lot of attention on the blogs....I think I will have to give it a whirl.

    Do you ever get to LA? If you do, I so hope you go/ have gone to the Roscoe's on Gower? NOBODY makes chicken like they do (though I go for the roasted rather than the fried) and their waffles are divine, of course. Every time I see your blog name I think of Roscoe's (droooool)


  5. Howdy, Debby! Yes, I liked it surprisingly well, given that I'm usually "meh" about roses. (I still haven't ordered the rose decants that I'm going to order as a result of the Rose Post; I seem to be in decision paralysis. Once I try them, the "meh" may be cleared up.) I actually don't get citrussy clean, but that's good, because I don't like citrussy clean. :) Maybe it's a chameleon rose, becoming what the wearer wants.

    Mals! I did, I did! I pretty much ordered it because I wanted to try Climat. That is, I wanted to try Climat, based I think on your post, and I compared the decant price with the set price, and I looked at the other stuff in the set, and looked at what it would cost to try them as decants, and I rationalized as hard as I possibly could, and I ordered the set. The rationalization collapsed under its own weight shortly thereafter, of course, but I still have the set. :)

    And now it's been here for over a week and I haven't tried Climat. I think Saturday. I want to give it a good un-grumpy day.

    Hiya, Jen! Welcome to the blog!

    Greetings, Anita! So far, no Rosine has worked for me, but I've only tried two or three, so it's not a proper test.

    Ooh. I rarely go to LA, but Himself is talking about Disneyland. If that happens, yes, I will be dragging him out of the park long enough to try Roscoe's.