Tuesday, March 16, 2010

SOTD: None. And what about spring comfort scents?

Today has been characterized by:
  • Stress.
  • A vat of milk.
  • No perfume.
I wondered why I was wearing no perfume, considered the stress, had another glass of milk, and realized: I have no spring comfort scents. And had another glass of milk.

I don't want to be challenged by my perfume today. I'm sufficiently challenged by the project that I'm working on and the meetings that I'll be attending tomorrow.

I want a quiet scent. A sitting-still scent. I have those for winter: Cadjmere. Sutra Ylang. Just Breathe. New Haarlem. Un Crime Exotique. Patchouli 24. Art of Shaving Sandalwood...Oh.

Huh. Actually, I guess I could be wearing Art of Shaving Sandalwood right now.

But all the same, I have a whole brigade of comforting winter scents, while in the spring, everything but Sandalwood is Bright and Bracing. I need something quiet. Peaceful. Comfortable. I need something else that goes with rumpled, untucked white linen.

The two Malle scents that I just posted about are possible candidates. But while I go get some more milk, would any of you fine folks care to suggest others?

Photo: By Stefan Kuhn. Wikimedia Commons.


  1. Ines of redhead fame sent me a sample of Lorenzo Villoresi "Musk"-- *crazy* good-- rose, sandalwood, and musk, natch. It smells like spring, to me-- warm and cozy, but still fresh. I just bought a bottle, in fact. If you want a taste, I'll send you some...

  2. Hmmm...my version of 'comfort' scent and yours probably is way divergent but here is what gives me that serene feeling Right Now (we're in that wet/cold-sunshine/fog time ofyear in Cent. IL)

    TDC Charmes y Feuilles
    Delrae Amoreuse
    Schiaparelli Shocking

    That is Right Now. Yesterday it was a whole different list. And tomorrow...who knows?

    Milk is good. Milk with Nestles Quik is better!


  3. LCN, I forgot Musk! I actually have a bottle - the Inexplicable Perfume Store At The SF Airport was carrying it, and I lost control (who has their Will Not Buy Perfume guard up at the _airport_, especially if they don't qualify for the duty free shop?) and bought it. I haven't tried it yet in warm weather; I must now.

    Hey, Anita! I've never tried any of those. I'm adding them to the Sniff List. (Should it worry me that I can add something to the Sniff List in less than five seconds? I have OmniFocus with the quick entry feature, and I use it far more often for perfume than for To Do tasks.)

    Yes! Milk! I'm out now. I need more. My chocolate choice is Hershey's. I suspect that one's chocolate milk chocolate preference is set in stone by the age of five.

  4. People say that L'Eau d'Hiver, another Malle, is a lovely soft green comfort scent. I have never tried it myself. I feel your pain! My beloved orientals are starting to feel a little wrong in the warm weather.

  5. Hey, scentsofself!

    I would swear that I've tried L'Eau d'Hiver, but I can't remember anything about it. At all. Not a trace. Next time I'm near a Malle display, I'll give it another sniff.