Sunday, March 14, 2010

SOTD: Nothing, and City trip report

Building in San Francisco Chinatown
Saturday, we went to The City. (Yay!) Lunch at my favorite restaurant in the world, The House on Grant in San Francisco. A play that shall remain nameless, because we walked out on it at intermission. A pause in Union Square to witness a large gathering of The Brides Of March.

When the Brides started to amble off in small groups, I ambled off to Barneys. Himself retained a cafe table, a Limonata, and our bag of almond cookies from The House. (Which reminds me; did he save me any? Must search shopping bag.)

Barneys had Serge Lutens Un Lys in stock, so I gave in to the inevitable and bought it. (Woohoo!) I'm keeping it in its little Barneys bag until I do some house cleaning; I wouldn't want it to get one look at our place and flee back to France.

I sniffed a handful of other Lutenses, with the assistance of a very nice man whose name I have, of course, forgotten. He shouldn't be offended by this; have I mentioned that I used to forget the name of my home room teacher until roughly Christmas break? The highlights:
  • The infamous Musc Kublai Khan (on skin) wasn't nearly as ill-mannered as I expected. Yes, the beginning was stale sweat, but as time went on it was a surprisingly mild, increasingly sweet, animalic musk.
  • Borneo 1834 (on paper) has no chocolate smell for me - to my nose, it's vaguely spicy and mostly medicinal.
  • Santal de Mysore (on paper) was sweet and spicy and edible, much nicer than I remembered.
  • Datura Noir (on paper) was much too friendly and well-behaved. I need more weird in my Lutens.
  • Oops. I liked either Chene or Cedre much, much better than I did last time I tried it. And now I can't remember which one. It had a lot of sweet, and some floral, and a gasoline-like note. Neither scent's description matches my memory - any votes for which one that sounds more like? Bad one-syllable similar names!
  • The reformulated Feminite du Bois (on paper) was almost exactly like the old Feminite du Bois, except without the soul.
  • L'Eau (also smelled on paper) might work as a "clean" Jo Malone.  Serge Lutens? I don't think so.
After that, a very nice lady whose name I also don't remember walked me through some of the Frederic Malle fragrances. I was impressed - after having me sniff a few things, she recommended three fragrances, two of which I put on skin and like very much:
  • Le Parfum de Therese. I have, of course, heard of this one, but I'd never given it a real wearing. It's lovely. Blended to the point that my nose can't pick out the notes, but not to the point of being simplistic. Fruity, but not "Oh. Fruity." Beautiful but without drawing attention to itself. I want some.
  • Angelique Sous La Pluie. Also lovely, though less indescribably so. My response was, "Cedar. Nice." and I never really expanded on that. But I love cedar and have never before had enough of it in a fragrance.
Sniffing was followed by shellfish and Wicked (which we did not walk out of) and sleep. And a brain, today, that's too fuzzy to appreciate a scent.

Photo: By Nadavspi. Wikimedia Commons.


  1. Oh fun - what a glorious trip to The City. Would love to do the same - I'll be making a trip to Seattle in May, maybe that sort of counts, sort of. The sniffage sounds excellent as well. My vote for the Chene vs Cedre question goes to Cedre. It has lots of tuberose which could give that gasoline note. However, I've never sniffed Chene, so this is an uneducated guess.

  2. Seattle counts! From what I've heard, anyway - I've never been there, except for connections at the airport.

    Cool, yes, tuberose sounds right. I'm going to assume that it was Cedre. (Don't worry, I'm not committing to a bottle based on that conclusion, only a decant. :))

  3. Hm, it seems all of my comments yesterday disappeared...
    Anyway, I thought it might be Chene because Cedre doesn't smell like you described to me. :)
    Btw, I recently re-tried Parfum de Therese and I love it!

  4. Hey, Ines! Well, that's annoying. The disappearing comments, that is.

    Hmm. Chene, Cedre, Cedre, Chene. Maybe I'll just order two decants. :)

    Yes, isn't it beautiful? I didn't Get It, twice, but now I do.