Saturday, January 16, 2010

SOTD: Serge Lutens Serge Noire

Photo of a small dog in a fluffy sweater.
This is one of my very favorites. Sadly, it was the wrong choice for today - a cloudy, dull, day, neither hot or cold, one of those days when you keep putting the sweater on and taking it off again, when you alternate between feeling chilly and unprotected, or sweaty and crowded.

It appears that Serge Noire is better for days with more decided weather. I've loved it in the cold, and in the summer heat, and in air conditioned chill after stepping in from summer heat, and in heated spaces after stepping in from the cold. But it apparently doesn't like halfhearted weather - that sort of weather brings out too much of the  sticky resin and too little of the glorious stone dust.

It's still a grand perfume, just not for today.

Review Roundup: Is here.

Photo: By AJHall1st. Wikimedia Commons.


  1. Who is wearing that *adorable* sweater? S/he looks like a little SL might be in order...

  2. I think s/he'll have wriggled out of it before you can get the top off the bottle!.

  3. Isn't s/he adorable? Though something about that expression suggests a lack of full enthusiastic participation in the sweater thing.

    We've never met - the photo's just out of Wikimedia Commons. (But according to the original photo page, that's "Puff Marie Chompers Wood in a sweater handmade by her grandmother.")

  4. Puff Marie Chompers Wood is killing! I was privileged to play a role in naming my friend's pedigree puppies. The one she kept's kennel name is Lily Petitgrain, while one she sold on has "Witchbreath White" in its title. I might add that a lot of my perfume-related suggestions were rejected by the Kennel Club, some of them quite ingenious, though I say so myself!

  5. Mean Kennel Club. :) I love Lily Petitgrain.