Wednesday, January 6, 2010

SOTD: L'Artisan Parfumeur Dzing!

It wasn't weird enough.

I love the idea of Dzing!. The circus scent. Leather and horses and rubber and stale peanuts and cotton candy. I love the bottle, with the lady-riding-the-tiger logo.

And I love the idea of its weirdness. I like weird. I like scents with gasoline and mothballs and dry cleaning fluid and pencil erasers. I don't like the ones with stale nuts, but I'm sure they'll grow on me. After comparing Bandit's animalic note with that of Dzing!, I decided to wear it today and bask in the weirdness.

But I don't actually experience it as weird. And I find this disappointing.

It's nice. It's very nice. It starts out with an odd rubber/leather/animal note, and progresses to a soft ambery sweetness. Very enjoyable. I'm more than willing to try it again. But when I do, I hope I get the weird.

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  1. Oh what an interesting review. I wouldn't call it particularly weird either, but the animalic note is waaaaay too strong for my nose. I can smell the elephant dung and it doesn't escape me. I've tried to love this, since a dear friend raves about it, but I think it doesn't love me...hence leaving dung on my wrist ;-)

  2. Talking about weird fragrances - have you smelled Joop Homme? I had a quick wiff of it this morning and it made me think of you. I've just looked up the notes on OsMoz and it all sounds quite normal. However, smelling it - it had a certain chemically/artist studio / gas station oddness to it. Have you tried it?

  3. I have a sample of Dzing! languishing in my little samples-for-testing box. Will have to drag it out!

    Funny... I can sometimes comment from my work 'puter, but not from home. (Wonder if my laptop will work - I'll try it.)

  4. lovethescents, I couldn't get _any_ appreciable animalic note. I was disappointed. I don't know if I had traces of Tubereuse Criminelle left and that was taming the Dzing!, or what it was. (TC would certainly win a brawl with Dzing!. She'd be marching away with the circus tent on fire and the elephants cowering but smelling like tuberoses...)

    SignatureScent, I never have. I'm adding it to the Sniff List. Artist studio/gas station sounds great, thank you.

    Mals, yes, try it. When it's weird it's weird, which I consider to be a bonus, and when it's not, it's nice.

    The commenting thing is just strange. If it were always one or the other on a given computer I'd think it was some strange security setting.

  5. "I like scents with gasoline and mothballs and dry cleaning fluid and pencil erasers."

    CF, you are a peculiar, yet strangely compelling individual! I am a big fan of Dzing! and find it about as animalic as Bal a Versailles, which is quite a lot. This is apparently down to castoreum, hence why I can publicly love it without compromising my other screen name of VM I hate civet.

  6. Strange points! I get strange points! :)

    Ah, that's interesting. I never knew what castoreum was - it's been one of the many never-quite-get-around-to-Googling questions in my head. So it can promise animalic elements? I'll have to give it a priority.

  7. Paloma Picasso? I make a Note, thank you. This is for the castoreum or the weird or both?