Sunday, January 17, 2010

SOTD: Comme des Garcons: Leaves: Tea, and Weird

Photo of a metal and glass teapot.
This one is weird. I've discussed it before, and discussed the plastic/cleaning fluid note. On this wearing, I've concluded that that's the dominant note. To me, this fragrance would fit more comfortably in the "synthetic" family, along with Garage and Dry Clean.

I'm not sure what's behind that note. The notes - black tea, bergamot, rose petals, cedarwood, and mate - seem normal enough. But I can't tease any of them out. The notes are perfectly blended into... Weird.

Review Roundup: Is here.

Photo: By Jorge Barrios. Wikimedia Commons.


  1. I disliked it so much, I can't begin to describe it. I found it paifully tannin-heavy. I actually got thirsty wearing it.

    I'm not a fan of Garage, but I appreciate it's weirdness. It develops fascinatingly. I note tires, tar, carbon monoxide, oil and rust. I actually gave my decant to mechanic who fell in love with it:-)

  2. Yeah, it's extreme. And it's irritatingly undefinable - not food, not floral, not quite chemical, not quite medicinal - what _is_ it? I can't decide if I like it or I don't - I didn't like it this time nearly as well as last time - but I do think I'd miss it if I could never smell it again.

    It _was_ surprisingly good last time when after a few hours I layered it with Theorema. They both enhanced each other. I'm tempted to declare it to be an accord (is that the right term for the context?) and buy some just for layering experiments.

  3. Really? Oh how interesting! I adore Theorema and have never thought of layering it with anything. To be honest, I hardly ever layer and if I do, either accidentally or purposefully, it's usually a mistake.

    Last weekend I washed with AG's Myrrhe Ardente, then applied the lotion. I then spritzed on some Passage d'Enfer. The combo was super gross. It smelled sweaty, vegetal-y mushroomy with hints of pine. I described myself as a dirty girl cooking in the forest.

  4. I was surprised that the Tea/Theorema layering worked. I only did it because I'd already put on the Tea sample, and then the Theorema package came in the afternoon, and I couldn't wait. :) But it worked surprisingly well. Theorema sweetened the tea, and the tea, which on its own doesn't really seem foody, made Theorema more foody.

    However, given that my 50ml of Theorema could be the Last I Ever Have, I won't be using much of it on layering experiments. :)

    I'm actually OK with sweaty scents, so that sounds interesting, but I'll take your word for it that it wasn't pleasant. :)

  5. From the foregoing discussion I can state with confidence that this would not be My Thing, any more than Breath of Dog or Lonestar Memories were...

  6. Yeah, I'd say probably not, flittersniffer. It doesn't even smell like a perfume, it smells like a "Huh, that's interesting" everyday smell.

    But I still want a bottle. I'm a madwoman.