Saturday, January 30, 2010

SOTD: Scentless Offline Weekend Day One

I will, sadly, be both unscented and computer-free all weekend. But I will also be (woohoo!) idle and gluttonous and possibly take some naps. So I'm not really demanding sympathy. Just forgiveness for failing to respond to comments in a timely manner.

But, of course, I still have to post. So I'm doing to do that scheduled-post thing, writing these posts on Thursday or Friday or something. But without a scent of the day, what will I talk about?

I suppose I could talk about this determination to post every single day. What's with that?

Part of it is the scent diary thing. I like having a record of what scent I wear every single day.

A very, very small part of it is earning the monthly NaBloPoMo badge. (Which I don't qualify for this month; I missed one post, plus scheduling isn't allowed. Hmph.)

Much of it, I think, is anti-perfectionism. If I have to post every single day, that limits the extent to which I can wait for the perfect subject or the perfect turn of phrase or the perfect anything. And that's good, because the purpose of the blog isn't to communicate perfectly, it's to communicate. To talk to perfume freaks. To write. All that stuff.

So there we are. As you read this, I'm probably either napping or eating seared tuna. Mmmmm.

Photo: By Tennen-Gas. Wikimedia Commons.


  1. I'm getting myself ready to take a nap, too!

  2. I like the cute cat pic. So why are you not wearing any perfume over the weekend? I didn't really understand. Does the fact that I have a very old bottle of Eddie Bauer Balance for Women perfume near my computer count as even owning perfume?

  3. Lovely cat! Looks like he has been at the bacon nut brittle, mind...

  4. Howdy, Frida! Yes. Naps. Sadly, naps are now over until next weekend. (And next weekend we're cleaning house! Ergh.)

  5. Hey, Melody! Well, we're taking a weekend away to celebrate a milestone for Himself, and Himself is not a big fan of perfume. So I decided to go scentless for the weekend in his honor.

    Well, it counts as _owning_ perfume, but not as being a perfume user. We need to get you addicted. You love all those coffees, and that's all about scent, so surely you could become a perfume freak? (Yes, I am remaining oblivious to the fact that that may not so much be your goal. I'll work on that. :))

  6. Thanks, flittersniffer! Yes, he does. Bacon roundness and sugar nap...