Saturday, January 9, 2010

SOTD: Nothing (And I broke my streak!) (But the movies were great.)

Today was a Movie Fest day. That means that we spent all day at the movies (yay!) and consumed way too much sugar (yay!) and I felt that I shouldn't wear perfume (hmph!). I would normally wear perfume on a Movie Fest day if it had an hour or two to mellow before we got to the movies, but I wasn't that organized today.

This also means that I got home at six after midnight, thus blowing a three-month streak for posting every day. No January NaBloPoMo badge for me! I'm backdating anyway, just so I know what day this post is about.

But the movies were great. I'll be posting about them later, probably over at Rambling Chicken.

Update: Himself covered the MovieFest pretty thoroughly on Blogging Ashland, and I chimed in in an opinionated manner in the comments, so I may not be doing my own post.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

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