Monday, January 25, 2010

SOTD: Fendi Theorema

Art of an orange tree.
When I look at a bottle and tell myself, "I can't wear that; I won't have anything to blog about," something's gone a little awry.

That was my response today when Fendi Theorema presented itself for consideration. But I reconsidered, and sprayed it on anyway. It was perfect today, on a chilly damp day with a touch of sun.

Review Roundup: Is here.

Image: Wikimedia Commons.


  1. hahahaha! Hilarious. Your life is run by your blog. Same here.

  2. Yep... been there.

    I think I'm giving up on Theorema. I really like the first two hours of it, and then it bores me silly. I COULD just re-spray, but that just postpones the inevitable boredom.

  3. I gave up on it and swapped my bottle away to a good home. Who may log in presently... : - )

  4. You called, flittersniffer? :-) I just love Theorema. I can't wear it every day as it is one of those heavier scents, as far as my nose is concerned. It is spicy, chocolatey, suave and feminine, and very comforting. After all, it is discontinued, so if you lot don't love it, send it my way!! More for me!! Mwahahahahahaha!!

  5. Yep, SignatureScent, the blog is getting just a little too influential. :) It keeps telling me that I Must Wear Something New!

    Mals and flittersniffer _both_ don't like Theorema? Nooo! Though I admit that it does change almost to a different fragrance in the drydown. I just happen to like that fragrance, too.

    So do you have a stockpile, lovethescents? I keep dithering over whether I'd buy another bottle if it magically showed up on BeautyEncounter again. One bottle of any perfume is really enough for a lifetime (for me), but there's something about that narrow top on the Theorema bottle, and how it makes the level go down so disproportionately quickly, that makes me want a second bottle.

  6. I wanted to love Theorema (I love the name, to start with) and I wore "Fendi" all through the early 90s. But Theorema is flirting with "Angel" territory-- that orangey/chocolatey/marzipany thing? Oh, no can do. More for you.

  7. Hmmm. LCN, on "more for you", yeah, maybe the reason that this continues to have spurts of availability after being discontinued for so long and so obsessively loved by those who love it, is that there aren't many who love it. :) And you can buy only so many bottles, no matter how much you love something.