Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Meta: YACFB (Yet Another ChickenFreak Blog)

So, see, this blog started out to be about all of my obsessions. Chicken, and gardening, and murder mysteries, and, oh, yes, perfume.

I seem to have gotten rather excited about the perfume. And that is far from a problem; I'm having a great time writing the perfume posts. But the other posts are getting drowned by perfume, and the more perfume-focused the blog becomes, the more likely it is that the occasional fried chicken or gardening ramble may bore the purely-perfume reader.

The solution? Another blog!  Woohoo!

So the non-perfume posts will commence over at Rambling Chicken, and the perfume posts will stay right here. I'll be doing a fair bit of linking back and forth, and I hope that you visit me in both places.

Photo: By Lilly M. Wikimedia Commons.

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