Friday, October 29, 2010

SOTD: The Different Company Oriental Lounge. And the courage of my stinky convictions.

I wore this one again. And I wore (I lower my voice for this) enough for someone else to smell. I consciously put on a bit more than usual, and a friend complimented me on the scent at lunch.

I can never make up my mind how I feel about my perfume being noticeable. When someone wafts past me wearing a good perfume, I always enjoy that moment, so apparently I approve of it in others. Even if they waft past me wearing bad perfume, I mildly approve, as long as it's not a choking fog. I approve of perfume in general. I was pleased to get the compliment.

But I still usually wear one halfhearted spritz on the back of my neck under my hair, and another on my stomach under my shirt, so that even I only rarely get a faint whiff of the stuff. I'm a spritz wimp.

Is it time to change that?

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Image: By Ilmari Karonen. Wikimedia Commons.